Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision

Our entrepreneurial energy in this business is engaged to connect with you, our Client.  We inspire, innovate and encourage our Clients to offer their clients the very best service they can achieve, in reliability, capability and professional service delivery.  Our considerable experience and capability muscle; fiscal fitness; great teams, who are able and competent, deliver in excess of what is expected, on time, every time.

Our goal is to ensure that we meet, but whenever possible, exceed the expectations of our marine business clients and ship owners, to reap the rewards of growing their businesses, by building their confidence in ours.  Our success and growth can only be achieved on the growth and success of our clients.  We are not afraid of hard, smart work and always demonstrate a willingness to embrace change.

Our Purpose

Working out of our own professional and experience-based business, which is profitable and growing,  showcasing all that we preach, our purpose is to build a better business base that delivers further long-term success and realised dreams for Agents, Ship Owners and their Stakeholders.

Our Mission

• OMS is a team of committed, positive, professional, business-savvy and successful Mariners who work within our 5 Points of Culture and the best-practises of our industry, to ensure that anyone who touches us benefits.

• We work in co-opetition with all those who operate in the OPL Market and are committed to on-going education of and unflinching change management with ourselves and our Clients, in ways that are practical, substantial, safe, fun and professional.

• Our products and services are world-class and deliver value for money and reliable results that ensure we give our Clients the freedom and capacity to ensure their further business development.
Our Clients understand that we are an awesome investment into their Now and their Future – a relationship and not a transaction – and treat us, themselves and the conduct of Off Port Limits ship servicing, even when it gets challenging, with respect.

Our 5 Points of Culture

Substance - All that we do is characterised by professional delivery, courageous ownership and fierce commitment to the highest standards of quality that contribute above expectations to our own, and our Client’s, business success.

Resilience - Short-cut, short-term or short-changed are not in our vocabulary!  We are committed to growth and so will not compromise, on our or your standards, for anything.

Fun - Life is a journey to be enjoyed, appreciated and lived well and so we create an environment that is upbeat, can-do and always values a sense of humour.

Integrity - Being a person of their word who walks their talk matters.  So we strive to be the example that others want to emulate and follow.

Transformation - We have achieved much, above our society’s hopelessness and with the ongoing support of our Clients, as well as the proud participation of our staff, we are assured of a strong future.  We never lose sight of the vast majority of South Africans who have never had the opportunity to be economically active, particularly in the Maritime Economy.  All of our endeavours are to always include the entry and growth, personally and professionally, of previously disadvantaged youth, to allow them the security and dignity of employment and a fulfilling career path.