Finally change-out of foreign crew members off the ports of South Africa has resumed

October 15, 2020
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ALLIANCE LAUNCH SERVICES (ALS), our partner Company, is proud to be the first to place a foreign crew member on their foreign ship, off Port Elizabeth Harbour yesterday, following the global ban on foreign crew changes at South African ports.

This crewman was ashore for some medical treatment. On completion, he was transported by our associate launch, ‘BIG BLUE’, and safely boarded his ship.

After months of almost daily work by ALS, liaising with all involved Government Departments, we can safely say that the logjam has been cleared and the change-out of foreign crew members off the ports of South Africa, has resumed!

This will come as a major relief to the hundreds of thousands of ship’s crew members who are still awaiting relief, and also to those seafarers at home, unable to earn their salaries on ships at sea,over the last 5 months.

South Africa’s location at the apex of all East / West trading routes,offers a perfect solution to this cruel fate served to international mariners.

We salute all mariners at sea and those languishing at home, for your fortitude and resilience.