Delivery to unusual OPL caller

October 15, 2020
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On Thursday 16 April, OMS carried out the task of delivering stores to an unusual caller - a large passenger ship, in Algoa Bay. She arrived in the Bay with her full Marine and Hotel staff compliment, but without any passengers. The ship had called for a supply of bunkers at the Offshore Bunkering Station. For the welfare of the personnel on board, Owners took the opportunity to replenish their provisioning for the voyage ahead.

Truckloads of stores were delivered and loaded aboard our Service Vessel in Port Elizabeth Harbour in the small hours of Thursday morning. On arriving out at the ship, the leeward side gun-port door was opened and our Launch was able to maintain position at this narrow opening to allow the crews to transfer and receive this large consignment of provisions. The transfer and delivery was completed effortlessly and to the Client's full satisfaction.

The operation was notable enough to warrant prominent coverage in the local media.