Chopper OPL for urgent spares

October 15, 2020
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On 28 December 2018, Offshore Maritime Services were engaged to transport a small consignment of really urgent spares to a bulk carrier at anchor off the coast, about 100 nm north of Cape Town.

The difficulty of securing the necessary permissions from all of the local authorities involved proved insurmountable. We instead opted for a small helicopter, which had the capacity to lift the bulky but relatively light load.

OMS staff collected the spares from the Airport and delivered these to the heliport in the Harbour, via the required Customs inspection in the Port. The Bell 206 helicopter arrived a few minutes later, the crates were loaded aboard and the flight crew briefed on the required documentation process, as well as the use of the landing facilities aboard the ship.

Owners of the ship were supplied with a quotation for the whole process, as well as a time estimate. We are pleased to report that the total time expended on the venture was within 5 minutes of the estimate OMS provided and perfectly within budget.

Our Client’s ship received their urgent spares in perfect time, well within budget and at a distant location, in the peak of the holiday season and bureaucratic frustration. We have a very happy Client!!

Just another day of exceeding our Clients expectations in the Off Port Limits Launch Service industry!